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Applications for accreditation and photo-accreditation should be sent by e-mail to the following address: . In the title of the e-mail, please enter: accreditation.

The application should include the name, surname, function and name of the represented editorial office. The condition for receiving the accreditation is the journalist's declaration of the effective use of the materials in publications related to the media service of the Festival. The condition for obtaining a photo accreditation is to demonstrate permanent cooperation with the delegating editorial office or documented artistic achievements and to transfer the photos taken to the festival's archive.

All persons accredited by the organizers undertake to follow all instructions that will be available at the festival office and to respect any prohibitions or restrictions on photo, audio or video recording of concerts and any restrictions in contacts with performers, about which the organizers will be informed before and during the festival. events. It is stipulated that - considering the strict conditions in this regard contained in contracts with contractors and their representative agencies - violation of the above restrictions and prohibitions may result in liability for damages.Photo-accreditation regulations.

The organizers reserve the right not to accept applications for accreditation / photo-accreditation without giving reasons.

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