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Juraj Dufek (SK) - bagpipes, singing

Anton Nevedel (SK) - two-voice whistles and three-voice bagpipes, heligonka bagpipes

Krzysztof Kasprzyk (PL) - saxophone

Krzyszto Dziedzic (PL) - drums

Ayoub Houmana (Morocco) - guimbri, singing, percussion

Juraj Dufek(1976) took up pipes at the University of Bratislava. After obtaining the diploma of a mechanical engineer in 2003, he started full-time production of bagpipes. He was a member of the Keltieg and Šafran folk groups, collaborated with the National Group of Traditional Folk Dance (SĽUK), participated in many international projects - such as the Hungarian-Slovakian Tócsni and Flódni from Béli Ágoston or Jima Sutherland's La Banda Europa. In 2009, he founded the first Slovak bagpipe group Spojené huky Slovenska (United Drones of Slovakia) as a nationwide project for young pipers, covering 3 regional types of Slovak bagpipes. Since 2013, he has been part of the successful folk and electronic trio Folk and Bass Orchestra, which after the release of their debut album (Vol.1, 2018) grew to a 4-person live act. He collaborates with the award-winning Slovak ethno-folk band Banda, his pipes appear on each of their three albums.

Krzysztof Dziedzic, a graduate of the Academy of Music in Katowice, is a recognized jazz drummer, and the list of artists he has worked with is really impressive. He has performed, inter alia, with Piotr Wojtasik, Tomasz Szukalski, Janusz Muniak, Wojciech Karolak, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Jarosław Śmietana, Apostolis Anthimos, Richardo Galiano, Roby Lakotos. In 2008, he started working with Nigel Kennedy, with whom he played several hundred concerts around the world in many projects, playing in the most prestigious concert halls such as: SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, ROYAL ALBERT HALL in London or NATIONAL CONCERT HALL in Dublin, In 2012 he performed at Japan, China, Brazil, Germany and Great Britain playing the project "BACH / FATS WALLER", which at the end of this year will be recorded in the legendary ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS. A few years ago he created the Polish Drummers group on Facebook, which brings together the drummers community by facilitating thus, mutual interpersonal contact, exchange of experiences and many other valuable issues.

Krzysztof Kasprzyk- saxophonist, composer, improviser living and working in Vienna. He studied at the jazz department in Graz under the supervision of incl. Karl-Heinz Miklin, Fritz Pauer, Karl Ratzer and since 2003 at the University of Music in Vienna. His main area of interest is broadly understood improvised music and various genres of electronic music. The exploration of styles, history and the future is to expand the musical language and deepen the message. He collaborates with many jazz and improvised musicians, he also records as a session musician with hip-hop and singer-songwriter artists. He creates music for documentaries and podcasts. As a leader, he has recorded albums with the trio "Public Exposure" with Martin Burk (D) and Alex Yannilos (AT), and a series of piano duets with Sylvia Bruckner (AT) that can be heard on digital platforms. Together with the trumpeter, composer, founder of the LAS publishing house, Piotr Damasiewicz, he co-creates the quartet 'Piotr Damasiewicz Viennese Connections'.

Ayoub Houmannhe travels the world collecting along the way, like spices for his musical tajine, the metaphysical blues of the Saharan Berbers, the fiery virtuosity of flamenco and the innovation of Western music. The artist will gladly take you on a journey with him and in line with his motto: "life is music and music is an adventure", he will show you not only the distant landscapes of music, but also the closeness of all of us in dance, music and love to the world around us. Ayoub shared the stage with many famous Polish musicians such as Perfekt, JJ Band, Lemon, and internationally with Tinariwen, Marcus Miller's band and several Moroccan artists. He is the founder of the band Nomads Moods, in which he plays with Christopher Jackson Linard and Bartosz Łęczycki. Their music is a colorful inspiration of various musical genres combined with funk, blues and ethnic music of Moroccan Berber and West African Touareg.

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