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June 24, 2021

June 25, 2021

June 26, 2021





Jazz is cool  is the title of the cult radio show by Wojciech Mazolewski, which we first listened to on Radio Three and now on During the program, Wojtek shares with the audience musical pearls, which he finds on store shelves with vinyls during concert tours in various parts of the world.

“For me, jazz is music that opens up new horizons and gives me the freedom to create and inspire each other. It contains all the emotions that accompany each of us. There is joy, madness, love, reflection, emotion and sometimes also sadness. Jazz is like life - full of surprises "- says Wojtek Mazolewski.

The concerts that he will present at the Market Square are also peculiar musical gems that we do not encounter every day.


Pink Freud "net piano forte net" (PL) live premiere

Pink Freud, called an export product of Polish culture, is a phenomenon on the domestic, but above all foreign, jazz scene. The group's repertoire grows beyond the traditional definition of jazz music and is an eclectic mix of classical improvisation, electronic sound, drum'n'bass and jungle, as well as punk energy.


“We have been preparing this album for a long time and we have devoted a lot of time to it to fully reflect our passions, experiences and adventures that we were lucky enough to experience together. The pieces were created during and immediately after concert tours, when impressions and emotions flowed back home. This time we took everything into our own hands. We recorded and produced this material ourselves and for the first time I have the feeling that it sounds as it should and has power. The beginning of this process can be dated back to 2016, which makes it a complete, up-to-date musical picture of the band ”. Wojtek Mazolewski


composition of Pink Freud:
Wojtek Mazolewski - bass guitar
Adam Milwiw-Baron - trumpet and electronics
Karol Gola - baritone saxophone

Rafał Klimczuk - drums.


Nene Heroine (PL)


Nene Heroine is a jazz / psyhodelic rock band. The debut album Total Panorama was released by the independent Tri-City publisher Alpaka Records, it contains seven different compositions that literally take the listener on a psychedelic `` trip ''. Nene Heroine's music is a mixture of analog sounds, dub, post-rock, improvisation and communicative melodies performed by a group of outstanding musicians.


Composition of Nene Heroine

Peter Stanley Chester (Piotr Chęcki) - saxophone
Michael Zismann (Michał Zienkowski) - guitar
Simon Burns (Szymon Burnos) - keyboards
Tony Sadeky (Tomek Sadecki) - bass guitar
Stan Corazon (Sławek Koryzno) - drums


Wojciech Mazolewski - New Project - premiere


The concert program will be filled with the latest works by Wojtek Mazolewski, created during the pandemic. "It is music that arose from the need to search for inner peace, harmony with oneself and the world, and positive energy in every situation. We open up and start a new chapter. It is a material in the process of shaping its form - this is what the author says about the project. Together with the invited musicians, Joanna Duda and Krzysztof Kawałko, Mazolewski has been working on this music for the last months, and they will present the effects together during the Bielsko concert.

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