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June 25, 2021

June 26, 2021


Jakob Manz - alto saxophone
Hannes Stollsteimer - piano
Frieder Klein - bass guitar
Paul Albrecht - drums


In Jakob Manz Project, the young saxophonist gathers outstanding musicians around him:

Paul Albrecht  transforms his skin and metal like a sly old master to whom the gods gave all the energy of youth for one evening. His playing arouses the incredulous amazement of a wide audience. He is a pianist with great versatility and an open ear.

Hannes Stollsteimer penetrates vivid, thrilling saxophone solos at perfect moments - sometimes with ultra-hard, fast funk riffs, sometimes with sparingly dosed kicks, sometimes with creamy transitions. As a soloist, he takes his deliberate playing to the extreme . 

Frieder Klein s electric bass shines with every sound with geological firmness  in the time dimension, whether your fingers grip the strings fast or annoyingly slow. His specialty is rhythmically intricate, furious lines of astonishing melody . 


Musical personalities combine in the Jakob Manz Project into a unique band sound that continues to take on new colors thanks to mutual inspiration and creative interaction. The band's energy is transferred to the audience in a very direct and emotional way. The listener experiences the depth of modern groove and soul music as well as the magical and serene flow of current jazz: a dynamic and energetic evening that you will not quickly forget.

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